[VIDEO] Local Business How-To: List Your Business on TripAdvisor

[VIDEO] Local Business How-To: List Your Business on TripAdvisor

For those of you who know TripAdvisor, you’re aware of the power of the crowd. If you ever planned a trip before, you probably know what TripAdvisor is. Put simply, TripAdvisor is a travel-related content website full of local recommendations on where to eat, where to sleep, and what to see when touring a city you’ve been before.

Other than aggregating all of this content into an easy-to-use sorting system which makes it easy to browse for users, it also enables local businesses to interact with their audience through the platform. After creating a listing with TripAdvisor, your local business will receive some exposure from travellers visiting the website. If someone has a positive (or sometimes, negative) experience with you, they can then enter the TripAdvisor website, search for your business (assuming your listing is there), and comment on your listing’s page. As mentioned in this Aadly blog post, it is highly recommend that you interact with these users to show that you are present both offline AND online.

For those of you who aren’t quite sure how to create a TripAdvisor business listing, I outlined the exact steps for you in bullet points below.

Here they are!

  1. Head over to the TripAdvisor business listing page by clicking here

  2. Depending on your business type, select one of the options listed on the page (options include Hotels, Restaurants, Attractions, & Vacation Rentals)

  3. For purposes of the example, I have selected Restaurants - You are then required to fill in your Name, Email, role at the business and a few other data fields including your business address. When you’ve completed all of the fields, you can click on the “Next” button on the bottom right of your screen.

  4. The next page you arrive on, requires you to fill in a large amount of information about your business so that TripAdvisor can put you in the best category possible and increase your exposure. A few examples of the more sophisticated data fields they request include your website address, facebook page, general price range of a meal and description of your restaurant. I call these more sophisticated fields, simply because it will help if you already have all of these items prepared BEFORE even going over to build the TripAdvisor Listing.

  5. Once you complete this process (don’t forget to add a photo!!!), check the checkbox at the bottom of the page to verify that you’re the owner, and then finish the process by clicking the “Submit” button on the bottom right of the page. At this point, TripAdvisor will then review your business’s listing and assuming the information is correct and accurate, will upload your business into its website.

  6. One last thing! To make sure you remember about your TripAdvisor listing, and to ensure that you will also be active on your listing as people comment about your business, save TripAdvisor as a bookmark to your browser. Just a little inside tip ;)

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