The Experts Speak - 9 Affordable Marketing Tips from Incredibly Influential Marketers

The Experts Speak - 9 Affordable Marketing Tips from Incredibly Influential Marketers

What are we going to do today about your under-performing business?

Here at the Aadly Blog Team, we want your local business to succeed. It’s one of our main priorities, hence the reason why we built our Aadly platform to help local businesses find affordable offline advertising opportunities.

In many of our posts, we provide how-to’s, general assessments of industry topics, and quick tips to help you try and jumpstart your business or bring it to the next level. If you’ve been following our blog until now, then kudos to you, because you’re already way ahead of the game. You’ve recognized the need and the potential to improve your marketing strategy, and understand that learning from others with more experience is beneficial in the process.

I thought to myself....what is the absolute best way for local businesses to get affordable marketing tips without taking up too much of their time?

I know that time is a major factor for you, and I am doing what I can to try and help you save some of it.

So, here’s what I came up with!

Rather than having you look through the Aadly Blog for some marketing tips, and additionally browse through 10 other local business marketing blogs, we decided to take the other options and aggregate them all into one VERY VALUABLE post, all here on the Aadly Blog. This way, you’re able to save time, and get all of your local marketing advice in one place!

I went on to ask 9 incredibly influential local marketing experts one simple question.

“What is your #1 affordable marketing tip for local businesses?”

Here are the responses that I received from each one of them separately:

Heidi Cohen

For local businesses seeking to extend their reach, they should have a web presence on their own URL and list their business on Google.

Remember, people may check for your business even if they’re not local.

Why to Follow: 

Heidi Cohen is an expert of influential marketing strategies. She offers what she coins the 'actionable marketing guide' through her website, by which she provides marketing tips and insights on social media, content marketing, and mobile marketing. She understands the needs and demands of businesses of all sizes but always stresses the importance of building and establishing the core marketing fundamentals. 

Gee Ranasinha


I'll give you 2 tips for the price of 1. How's that?  :-)

1) Get into the habit of asking your customers for a review. Depending on your business that might be on sites like Yelp, or maybe something you can post on your website (if you can get a mugshot too, that's even better). Prospective customers LOVE reading reviews - it's a valuable (and free) way of building credibility and trust in your business.

2) Do what you say you'll do, when you said you'd do it. I'm constantly surprised at how many small business owners don't get this basic rule of business right.

For example if you say you'll call tomorrow at 10 o'clock, make sure you call tomorrow at 10. Not 10:15, not 10:30, but 10 o'clock. If you promise the customer she'll get a quote tomorrow, make sure you're true to your word. Amazingly, lots of businesses still don't get how important this is. Just by doing this one thing you'll put your business ahead of many of your competitors. Easy, right?

Why to Follow: 

If anyone knows about small business marketing, it's Gee Ranasinha. CEO at Kexino, his company is a marketing agency that services mostly small to medium sized companies. Very much aware of the existing marketing technologies, Gee is able to put together tailor-made marketing solutions for his clients. He offers services such as design & content creation to lead generation and social media marketing. If you're looking for a dynamic marketing team to help your startup or SMB take your marketing efforts to the next level, reach out to Gee. 


Sarah Billy

You can check out our blog for lots of great ideas on marketing! But maybe a quick 1-2 sentence tip for a small local business could be to run a local workshop and follow up with an online course. Mainly, build an audience and keep them engaged.

Why to Follow: 

Sarah Billy is customer champion over at Thinkific, a Vancouver-based company that helps you create your own online courses and deliver or sell them under your own brand. She and the Thinkific team are on an incredible mission to "make it easy to teach online", which has been adopted by many, including some fantastic support by Lewis Howes from The School of Greatness. One of the most beneficial elements of Thinkific is they provide you with the capability to create and launch courses on your own site, all by yourself, without the need of any additional technical experience. 

Jo Lynn Deal

My #1 affordable marketing tip for local businesses is to streamline marketing by creating branded graphic design templates.

Free sites like Canva allow local businesses to create branded content that is engaging and shareable.

Why to Follow: 

Jo Lynn, president of myMarketing Cafe knows the small business marketing space very well. Although her primary focus is on lead generation for small businesses and nonprofits using integrated digital marketing, she has vast experience in all areas of marketing. She and her team offer a full-service small business marketing firm, by which they excel in finding ways to apply modern marketing technologies for goals of generating an increase in customer leads and social following. 

Dean Renfro

Tip #1: Make your business about developing customer relationships not making a sale.

Tip #2: Without a Killer follow up and follow through system your business (dream) will die a slow death.

Why to Follow: 

Dean is definitely a very recognizable figure. As being featured on NBC, CNN, ABC and FOX, he is a very focused individual offering an array of services including a master mind group to help excel you and your business. He also has a live show that he runs through Facebook Live (definitely worth checking out). In addition to these services, he also works on a 1-to-1 basis through his personal development program, which is offered through his website on 

Shannon Siriano

My #1 affordable marketing tip for small businesses is: Provide an amazing customer experience. It often costs nothing but your energy, and is an essential piece to building loyalty to your brand.

Why to Follow: 

Shannon Siriano, founder of Lemon Umbrella is a force not to be reckoned with! Shannon's business focuses on helping small businesses grow their business, reach the right audience and ultimately, reach their full potential. With a vast knowledge of marketing, she can help just about any small business out there looking to increase their following, create a known brand and improve their bottom line. 

Joe Laing

If I had to give my #1 affordable marketing tip for local business I would say:

Claim all your most important local listings. Start by claiming your Google My Business page & Bing Places. It’s often possible for small businesses to achieve the first page of search results with these listings when it's more difficult otherwise because of competition from larger business.

These are free and should be owned by the business themselves.  Don’t let anyone else own your listings.  If you get help setting up these listings, make sure they use one of your email addresses as the owner.

Why to Follow: 

Joe and his team at SumTotal Marketing, provide business with complete marketing consultant services. His team is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in just about every single element of marketing, including search engine marketing, web development, social media, email marketing, and much much more. Definitely a great company to speak to if you are just starting marketing as a small business and aren't sure what you need to do first.  

Joe Morsello 

According to Local Search Association (LSA) data, 80% of consumers used a search engine in the past week to find local business info. One simple way to help your business rank higher on related searches is to claim your business listing on all the prominent listing sites: Google My Business, Bing Places, Yelp, Facebook Business and Apple Maps. 

Why to Follow: 

Joe Morsello is the director of marketing and communications over at the Local Search Association. Unlike the other experts on this roundup, the local search association is not a traditional marketing agency, but rather a non-profit industry association of media companies, agencies and technology providers who help businesses market to local consumers. They offer an array of different services and benefits at different membership levels. Additionally, the local search association provides marketing and business consulting for small businesses that are looking for the extra outside push to take their business to the next level. 

Justine Beauregard 

My #1 affordable marketing tip for local businesses is to use remarketing. It only takes a few seconds to set-up, and you'll find that it's much easier to capture more people while they're nearby and ready to make a purchase than those passively searching online for your products and services.

Why to Follow: 

Justine Beauregard, founder of Mirelle Marketing, provides small business marketing consulting. Her strategy consulting always leaves her clients with very clear cut, actionable items for implementing in their business to help them boost sales and influence. She has exceptional abilities more specifically in helping to improve brand awareness, attract more leads, and small business growth. Definitely would recommend checking her out!

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