[VIDEO] Local Business How-To: Creating a Customer Satisfaction Survey

[VIDEO] Local Business How-To: Creating a Customer Satisfaction Survey

The topic of customer satisfaction surveys was lightly covered in Aadly’s post on 5.667 Email Marketing Tips for Local Businesses. The core purpose of creating customer satisfaction surveys is for you to get further insights into your customers, their interests, and their satisfaction with your service and products.

Some of you may be saying to yourselves at this moment, “Well, I understand that it’s important, because everyone tells me to do it, but what can I actually do with that information?”.

That’s a great question, and in fact, great questions deserve great answers, so I am going to give you one right here.

You need to know what your customers think about your business, BECAUSE WITHOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS, THERE IS NO BUSINESS. That’s right, I said it! You rely on your customers for bringing business, revenue and ultimately providing food for you and your family. So, for that reason, it’s vital that you receive feedback from them as to what they feel you’ve done or haven’t done for that matter, and how you can improve.

Taking a quick example, if you find that from 100 surveys from your email subscribers (remember, an email subscriber can be collected in-store too, not just in blogs and online content), 85% of your current customers are describing the products that you sell as being “ineffective” or “impractical”, I am pretty sure this is a sign that something in your business has got to change.

In fact, I’d recommend reaching out to each and every one of those individuals who rated your products as being impractical and ineffective, and ask them what they feel that you could do in order to improve. Going directly to those that give us heavy criticism is often extremely difficult, however if you are trying to build a long and sustainable business, this is one of the primary ways that you can indefinitely differentiate yourself from your competition.

Hopefully, I’ve made it clear why creating a customer satisfaction survey is worthy of your time. Below, you can find the written step-by-step of how to build the survey and send to your email subscribers.

Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Customer Satisfaction Survey

1.Head over to my personal favorite survey website, Survey Monkey

2. Click on “Sign Up Free” (assuming you don’t have an existing account) which you can see in the middle of the page in white color.

3. Go through the signing up process by entering username, password, and email or alternatively, you can also sign up using a google or facebook account. When you are completed, click “Sign Up”.

4. You are then transferred over to an area where you have to set up your account. You can skip this and get straight to the survey building by clicking on “Skip to SurveyMonkey Home”, which is in small writing below the button “Next”.

5. If you want to build a survey ASAP and save yourself some time, click on the button in the middle of the screen “Create Survey”.

6. Here in this blog post, we are referring to the creation of a customer satisfaction survey. Fortunately, surveymonkey knows there are many people reading this post and many people needing this type of survey, so they’ve already pre-loaded one for you. Click on the upper most left survey template called “Customer Satisfaction Survey Template”.

7. Then, you can click on “Use this Template” inside the popup that appears

8. Once doing this, you will be transferred over to the actual survey. I suggest reviewing the questions, making sure they relate to your business and are all questions you are actually interesting in asking your audience. If there is a question you want to edit, hover over that question with your computer’s mouse and click the “Edit” button. Once you are in this editing mode, you can click on “Edit” which is highlighted in the upper right corner. That allows you to perform a full edit on the question to change anything you would like to change. Alternatively, if there is a question you want to remove, because you feel you have no need for it, hover over the question with your computer’s mouse and select “Delete”.

9. After finalizing your survey, double click the title which will be automatically set to the default “Customer Satisfaction Survey Template”. Rename this to whatever you feel will make most sense. For example, Joe’s Pizzeria Customer Satisfaction Survey.

10. Once you’ve renamed it as you’d like, click on the “Preview & Test” button towards the top right corner of the page. Make sure the survey appears as you’d like it to. If there are any changes, you can quickly close the popup test version and make the changes through the editing features. Because many people these days are on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, it would be wise to check how it looks on those devices as well. When you are in the test version, you will see the option to select “Tablet” or “Phone”, which will show you the format of the survey as if it were on either one of those devices.

11. Finally, once you are completely satisfied with your customer satisfaction survey, click on the green button in the upper right corner “Next”.

12. Here you have two relevant options for your email subscribers.

Option A: Send Email

If you choose send email, surveymonkey will send an email directly from their system to the email addresses that you select. Once you’ve entered all of the relevant email addresses in the “Send To” field, click on the button “Next” at the bottom right corner. If you’ve verified your email address, then at this point, you will click on the “Next” button again at the bottom right hand corner. There are some nice additional features here, but they cost money, so unless you are willing to spend a few dollars here on your survey, I’d just go with the free option. If you are not verified with your email address, then go ahead to your email address before continuing onward and verify your email via the verification link in the email sent to you by surveymonkey. Finally, you will arrive to the sending page. Here you have an option of either sending the survey right now, or scheduling a date and time in the future to send. Once you determine your sending time, click on the button “Send Now”. If you want to see how the email will look before sending it to your email subscribers, click first on “Test Email” and check your email inbox to make sure the email looks as you wish. Once you’re done, click “Send Now”.

Option B: Get Web Link

If you prefer to send a customized email to all of the email subscribers in your database, and send them the survey through link. This is actually a bit simpler than the email sending option in option A. Copy and paste the link that surveymonkey provides you with here and place it within any email or message that you send to your subscribers. This way you can send a personalized message at any time of day that you want for each individual subscriber.  

13. You are done! Congrats! Check in your account over the next few days to see how people are responding to the survey. Good luck with the results :)

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