5.667 Email Marketing Tips for Local Businesses

5.667 Email Marketing Tips for Local Businesses

As a local business owner, you’re making a huge mistake if you are not taking advantage of the incredible benefits email marketing has to offer. I know, I know, I hear it all the time. “I’m not a technological person”, or “I’ve never done email marketing before”. These excuses could not be further than the truth.

If you’ve ever sent an email to a supplier, you were doing email marketing. If you’ve ever contacted a customer via email then you’ve done email marketing. The mere action of sending an email, selecting a subject line, and writing the right persuasive content to get your point across is the exact epitome of email marketing. So, next time you want to make that excuse, remind yourself that all of us do email marketing and all of us can be perform above average at email marketing without putting in that much effort. No excuses here!

To get started with your email marketing, you need to first work on collecting a list of your current customers’ email addresses as well as other useful information like name, birthday, address, and alike. You can read into this process more in a past article I wrote just a couple of weeks ago on the topic.

Many people may argue that your email marketing list does not need to be your past customers list. In the larger picture, I would agree, however since you are just starting out in email marketing, I would heavily advise that you stick with focusing on emails that have a much better chance of converting to future sales. The best marketers understand that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers, and often times, it’s the existing customers that are representing a large portion of that 20%.

The process of building a list and starting to work on your email marketing can be relatively easy when you have the right insights and guidance from experienced marketers on what works best and what mistakes to avoid.

And so, on that note, here are the top 5.667 email marketing tips for local business

1. Incentivize People to Sign Up 

Experienced marketers will tell you that if you want to take your email list to the next level, it is highly recommended to incentivize your sign ups. Just as a basic example, this could mean offering them a 10% discount on a current purchase or future purchases. It could also be in the form of different membership options with the ability to collect points in return for future purchases. There's really unlimited opportunity here - it's great to be creative, but if you aren't sure what you should offer, I'd recommend just using a basic 10% next purchase incentive. 

2. Send an Email Announcement At Least Once a Month

Sending an email announcement at least once a month is a must-have for a local business owner. By sending an email once per month, you are constantly reminding the customer that you're around. Next time he/she is thinking to purchase something like your product/service, the first company they will automatically think of is yours. But if you don't remind them, you lose being at 'top of mind' and overtime, you become a completely lost memory. This is a relatively easy way to gain an edge on your competition. 

3. Send a Customer Survey Once or Twice Per Year 

Knowing your customers and audience is vital in any business. If you survey your customers at least once or twice per year, this gives you an opportunity to gain further insights as to what they are searching for, what their greatest challenges are, what alternative solutions may be out there and ultimately, how well you are serving them as your customer. There are companies out there paying millions of dollars for this information through focus groups and external studies, when in reality, they could save a lot of that money by just being face to face with the customer through basic email and understanding them on a more personal level. 

4. Send a Welcome Email 

Welcome emails are a requirement for any email marketer. They are easy to set up with different email marketing automation websites like MailChimp and they are your first step towards becoming an email marketing wizard.

Quick Tip: Some companies over-do the welcome email and load the email up with content and different promotions. Usually, you will find that the simpler you keep your welcome emails, the better. Keep the promotion for a separate email, which will help you keep 'top of mind' as mentioned earlier in the post. I'd also recommend introducing yourself in the welcome email, which gives people a feeling that there is a person behind the email and the company. 

5. Write Compelling Subject Lines

Somehow, subject lines are often forgotten with new email marketers. It is important to remember that no matter what device, browser or email client (Gmail, Outlook, etc.), the first thing that a subscriber will see before anything else is the email subject line. Only once they've opened the email, they will actually see the contents of the email. 

This means that your subject line has to be extremely compelling, and grab the subscriber's attention immediately. I'd highly recommend to read up on Hubspot's blog post on different strategies to improve your email subject line here. 

.667. Include Social Media Profiles in Your Emails

There's a reason this one got a .667. While not a primary element of success in email marketing, there is definitely a good reason for why you should be including your social media profiles in your emails to your subscriber list. If you are doing email marketing as well as trying to build a brand, this is a great way to interconnect those who have subscribed to your email list, but have not yet connected with your online profiles. 

Imagine a new customer that just purchased from you - he receives an email and sees that you have a number of social media profiles. His favorite one is Facebook, so he clicks on the Facebook icon and likes your page. Through this simple action, he is becoming a much more loyal customers. He's opted in to receive emails from you and NOW, he's connected with on a social network. Before you know it, he will be sharing your content with his friends!

This is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to email marketing for local business owners. There are an endless amount of strategies and plans, and each one of them works differently according to your business, your products/services and your target audience. This is not the first time I am mentioning this, but I will stress it once again - the worst thing you can do in email marketing is to not take action. If you want to see results in your business, there is no doubt that you should make email marketing as part of your strategy and marketing habits. 

If there are any email marketing methods you took from this post or other one's that you've applied and succeeded with, please feel free to share below in the comments section! 

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