3 Offline Advertising Mediums You Didn't Know Existed

3 Offline Advertising Mediums You Didn't Know Existed

In the Aadly blog, we talk a lot about offline advertising (I think it’s pretty clear why). What we’ve come to notice both from feedback from blog readers as well as users and visitors of our Aadly website, is that not everyone truly knows what offline advertising is.

Some people say that it is billboard advertisements, bus wraps, advertisements inside restaurants, magazine ads, direct mail and much more. Actually, to tell you the truth, all of those fit within the category of offline advertising.

Through the process of building Aadly, I was very excited to come about many more offline advertising solutions which not many people are aware of. In fact, even coming from the marketing world, I wasn’t even aware of many of these mediums. This got me thinking!

I am sure many people would be fascinated and surprised to hear about these advertising space opportunities, and possibly, even willing to give them a try for their own business.

Here are 3 coolest offline advertising mediums you probably didn’t even know existed (or at least never noticed):

1. Restroom Advertising



I think you’d be surprised to know that restroom advertising actually can bring some pretty nice results!

As mentioned in the Matrix Media Services Blog:

“Restroom advertising is a great way to reach consumers in a constant environment. With lengthy dwell times, restroom ads cause exposure to a brand message to reach higher than average figures.” (Source)  

2. Cash Jacket Advertising

Cash jacket advertising is a very unique solution that I must admit I definitely did not expect. According to AllOver Media, cash jackets actually have an average lifecycle which lasts around 2-5 days and you have the ability to target your audience by specific zip code, neighborhood and demographic. Surprising to say the least!

They explain the essence of cash jacket advertising here:

“Connect your brand to the buy cycle. Advertising with cash jackets is an effective way to get your brand in the hands of consumers, putting your product front and center before it’s time to make a purchase. Cash jacket advertising is also an easy way to reach a wide audience because these items are given out at check cashing locations across the United States.” (Source)

3. Coffee Sleeve Advertising

Major props to the next person who tweets @Aadly when seeing a coffee sleeve advertisement. I’d love to see some real examples from readers, so if you tweet us, please include an image!

Well-established coffee sleeve producers, Sleeve A Message, mentions some of the unexpected benefits of this medium:

“Sleeve a Message powers a medium that gives brands the ability to approach a targeted and captive audience of active and affluent shoppers. The average household income of the café consumer is $75k+ per year. According to Mintel 2011 reports, coffee shop goers are 54% female and 46% male between the equally distributed ages of 18-65+. On average coffee drinkers spend 49 minutes with their drink. Due to the duration of time our medium is visible we can guarantee that the printed message will be seen by up to 6 individuals, 65% of which will recall the message up to 24 hours later. Furthermore, 79% of consumers feel that coffee sleeve advertising is equal to or more noticeable than other out-of-home advertising.” (Source)

I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely was not expecting statistics like that from coffee sleeve advertising. Nonetheless, it’s a very creative marketing medium, and I think it definitely has some potential given the right local opportunity.

So, there you have it! 3 extremely wacky, out of the box offline advertising mediums that you probably had no idea existed or at least never really noticed until now.

If you have any other out of the ordinary offline marketing mediums that weren’t in my list, please feel free to share them with the Aadly blog community through commenting below!

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