5 Tips for Making Your Local Advertising Super Effective

5 Tips for Making Your Local Advertising Super Effective

In our blog, we cover both offline and online advertising in local business marketing. In this post, we will give you some of the best tips on combining the two for explosive, measurable results.

1.     Include a Call-to-Action


When making your traditional/offline advertisement, be it a billboard, a street sign or bar coaster advertisement, make sure to have a call-to-action. A CTA in marketing lingo is an action you would like your potential customers to do and enables you to test the effectiveness of your advertisement. For example, “Sign Up Online” or “Download our app”.

2.     Measure Conversion

Even if your campaign is offline, you can still have an online component. Using a unique URL, for example, can help track just that. Using a landing page (a sign up form) or just a simple counter that directs the new URL to your website to count the traffic and later the conversion. Including a unique promo code like BAR10%OFF can help you track where the signup came from and measure this channels effectiveness for your business.

3.     Choose your Locations Wisely


Buying offline/traditional media isn’t complicated, but does require some thought. Advertising on the subway is effective if that’s where your target audience is. Make sure to choose the channel that matches your goal, and not just because its “sexy”. Remember to think practically, for example not to expect app downloads on the subway where reception is limited, or expect customers to focus on a block of text on a billboard when driving on the expressway.

4.     Ask Customers Where They Discovered You

This is especially important. Incorporate asking customers how they discovered you in every step along the way. When a new customer signs up, figure our how you were discovered and keep track of that, see what channels bring in the most value to your business, and carefully re-invest in those.

5.     Remember to Measure Increase in Brand


Offline advertising is not only about conversion. Conversion is important to measure ROI on your investment, but to measure its effect on your brand you will need to use a bit of analytics. Customers will search your brand on Google, so measure he change in branded search term traffic before, during and after. This will help determine if your offline advertising is contributing in driving real visitors and customers to your business.

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