Why Local Advertising Will Save Your Life

Why Local Advertising Will Save Your Life

Ok, maybe it won’t save YOUR life, but it can save your business- so keep reading. Local advertising or neighborhood marketing targets the physical area around your business. The message is for the local population vs. the mass markets. Whether a shop or a restaurant, local advertising can take on many shapes. Direct mail, local events, local team sponsorships or local street advertisements, this form of advertising not only attracts new customers, but aims to get returning ones as well.

The psychology behind it:

Humans are creatures of habit. People like to shop and eat close to home because it saves time. We all create mental maps of our neighborhood, what places we like and where we go to get milk. We develop shopping habits based on our experiences, which lead to much repeat business. Usually, the client base will be in a radius of 10 miles (or 16 km), depending on how urban the area is.

Businesses are always evolving, new ones opening, others closing. These maps change on a regular basis. To stay relevant in the customer’s minds, businesses need to advertise constantly, new ones especially. Different types of neighborhoods call for different marketing channels. These depend on the socio-economic level of the population and the purchasing power of the customers. Assuming the business didn’t randomly set up shop, the neighborhood that surrounds it should already have the target customers the business is seeking.

So, let’s break this down, here are our top 5 tips when planning your local advertising:

Use Social Media for engagement…Or not at all

Using Social media can be tempting, but it still hasn’t proven its ability to help consumers find local businesses. So before you go all out on those Facebook campaigns, remember that most customers will use it once they have already met you. Customers will us it to stay updated on what you have to offer, but few will actually find you through this channel.

Local involvement

Find how to get involved in your local neighborhood. From sponsoring an amateur sports team, to a small local event. These good deeds don’t go un-noticed. We all appreciate those who give back to the community, and we feel good buying from them.

Beware of the digital buzz

Many marketing tactics have emerged in recent years. But consider them carefully as not all of them are effective for all types of businesses. Digital marketers are obsessed with pay per click models, but customers are looking for offline touch points too. Where many competitors are all competing for the same keywords in a small crowded space, using a local street ad or a small billboard can go a long way in terms of differentiation.

Emails are gold

Can I get your email? This highly effective channel is all about keeping in touch. Retaining customers is always cheaper than the price of acquiring new ones. Ask for the emails after every purchase and give your loyal customers value. Let them know what going on and how they can benefit from keeping up to date. This easy method of a periodical newsletter can be easily tracked to measure success and drive repeat sales.


None of us have a relationship with Costco or Walmart. But local businesses are all about creating bonds between shop owner and customer, the kind that make shopping a personal experience. These bonds have great value in terms of sales. Cultivating a close relationship with customers is majorly important for local businesses and goes a long way to drive up sales.



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